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DKNY Truck

DKNY Truck

DKNY and City Harvest are always excited to join forces and give back to our wonderful city. With the downturn in the economy, greater numbers of New Yorkers are now turning to emergency food, and City Harvest food deliveries are even more critical.

For Fall 2009 DKNY and City Harvest are rejoining forces and are excited to add an interactive component to this season’s program. In addition to continuing last years Colorful Truck program, DKNY painted a fleet of City Harvest trucks with its Fall 2008 ad colors, now updated with DKNY’s Fall 2009 ad colors, both organizations will use their Facebook pages to engage the social media community.

Facebook fans of DKNY (59,224) and City Harvest (12,691) will be given the opportunity to take part in the fight against hunger via Facebook. Fans are encouraged to snap a picture of a truck while it travels through the city and then upload the image to the City Harvest fan album on the events page. For each photo uploaded, DKNY will make a $1 donation to City Harvest. The Facebook Fan program will be running from October 1st to the 15th.

The rainbow fleet of City Harvest trucks will hit the streets starting September 21st through October 31st. Get your cameras ready!

For more information on the program and to become a fan please visit or

*Coming next, DKNY will be supporting City Harvest’s BID Against Hunger program taking place on October 20th.

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