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Binaca GoldenThe FINALE Benefit Gala & Awards Show, held annually in New York City, is the premier fundraising event of Black Star Collective Foundation (BSC) that supports charitable projects/ideas initiated by young Africans in the United States for their native countries.

In its second year, THE FINALE Benefit Gala & Awards Show, invites friends of Africa, dignitaries and community leaders, businesspeople and artists to bear witness to excellence in various industries. The event will highlight those making an impact in Africa and in the community. The event’s chosen beneficiary is Pro-Link, a leading non-profit agency that assists women and children afflicted with HIV/AIDS as well as provides vocational training in West Africa.

The inaugural FINALE Fashion Benefit Gala was a tremendous success drawing 642 spectators, with a surprise visit from America ’s Next Top Model star, Bianca Golden (pictured). The event organizers profess an excitement for the prospect of reaching the community and a growing public awareness.

What’s New:

Forward Ever Backward Never Fund. This year’s event will also donate money to a start-up charitable project by a young entrepreneur (to also be chosen via a web contest) in addition to its contribution to Pro-Link Ghana.

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