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K.I.D.S. Yooth Leadership GroupFall Kick-Off Event

The 1st annual K.I.D.S. Youth Leadership Group will be hosting an event at Guest House in New York City. The group requests a $10 donation which includes 1 drink ticket with proceeds going to the K.I.D.S charitable organization. Attendees will have the ability to stay and party without having to pay any additional fees.

Please join us for this event along with some board members of our partner organization Fashion Delivers!

About K.I.D.S:

Since 1985: K.I.D.S. has fulfilled its promise of bringing smiles to children in need by distributing over a half-billion dollars worth of new merchandise while keeping overhead costs under three percent. In 2007, nearly $62 million worth of new products was distributed for the benefit of almost five million children who live in poverty and suffer from distressed conditions.

K.I.D.S. operates six key programs that focus on meeting the needs of:

Victims of Natural Disasters and Political Unrest: Building on over 20 years of relationships with donors and local agencies, K.I.D.S. delivers product immediately and directly to families affected by natural disasters. K.I.D.S. brought needed essentials to approximately 500,000 children affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, more than 300 000 young victims of the Asian Tsunami, and over 60,000 children affected by the Lebanon-Israel War.

Homeless Children: When Houston’s Coalition for the Homeless, a partner agency of K.I.D.S., asked homeless individuals and families what their greatest need was, 83 percent of both young people and adults said clothing. K.I.D.S. works to take clothing off the list of essential services for homeless children and families, helping to restore their dignity and self-worth.

Domestic Abuse Victims: Hundreds of thousands of children in family shelters for domestic abuse victims receive toys from K.I.D.S., bringing joy into their lives at a difficult time. In the serious work that must occur to restore a child’s sense of safety and routine, new belongings can be a touching affirmation that life is again returning to a brighter state of affairs.

Children with Low Literacy Levels: K.I.D.S. provides new, brand-name, age- appropriate books to children on Native American reservations and in after-school programs who have low literacy levels and need encouragement in the love of reading.

Children of Incarcerated Parents/Juvenile Offenders: K.I.D.S. gives books to children of incarcerated parents for parent/child reading during visitations to prison. Books and apparel are also provided to programs helping young inmates regain their sense of purpose and self-confidence.

Military Families/Wounded Soldiers: K.I.D.S. provides infant and juvenile items to children and parents on military bases who are left behind while their loved ones fight for our freedom. Together with its partner charity, Fashion Delivers, K.I.D.S. also directs clothing, books and other necessities to Germany to help make life better for U.S. soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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