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The Jonas Brothers

Bid in a charity auction to meet The Jonas Brothers at their Madison Square Garden Concert in New York.

The auction lots is for two tickets to the August 10 concert and a meet and greet invitation with Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas.

The Jonas Brothers, who appeared on the American Idol season finale, are regular charity givers and even have their own organization, the Change for the Children Foundation.

The charity auction to meet The Jonas Brothers, ending May 28, will raise funds for Taste of the Nation New York.


  1. i love the you guys so much
    i want to meet you guys one day you are all good singers i am 12 my fav song is when you look me in they eyes. love from Ashleigh

  2. im 11. i know not your age. but i look up to the jonas brothers so much (: im trying to do change for the children and donate 500.00 (; ❤ i love them so much!

  3. hi guys
    you guys are my favorite band
    and you guys are cute and sweet
    to and you guys rock out and I love
    you guys and my favorite song is year 3000
    it is my favorite one ever to and I wish I can meet
    you guys and get your CD and picture with you guys too.

    From Courtney

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